•  Crystal Optics
    Perfect garde    Surface quality to 10-5
    Flatness: 1/10 λ  Tolerance : ± 1um
  •  Hermetic windows
    Glass to Metal seal
    Personalized customer service
  •  Cover slides
    Ultra-thin cover slides in 100um thickness
  •  Glass adapters
    Glass to kovar adapter
    Glass to flange adapter
    Custom Glass adapter
  •  Lab glassware
    Custom Quartz glassware
    Sapphire Gas cell
  •  Vacuum viewport
    Custom Vuaccum viewport for DUV to IR and THz waveband

  Laser Optex focus on manufacturing the best quality Crystal optics , Quartz glasss apparatus and Metal to glass seal product for user, the main product include:(CaF2 optics、High precision optical windows、IPL Filter &Crystal、Quartz Microscope slide、Quartz Clean Quadrate Vat、Sapphire Gas Cell、Ultro thin crystal crystals、Vacuum viewport)which apply widely in medical, thermal image, laser, military& aerospace , detector & sensor and vacuum equipment fields.


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