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What are the main technical parameters of quartz glass sheets?
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  It is understood that the current market of quartz glass processing enterprises mainly concentrated in photovoltaic, optical fiber and semiconductor fields. Quartz glass is refers to the high purity silica non crystal and has uniform structure, good light transmission, transmission of the spectral band width, thermal expansion coefficient and thermal shock resistance is good, stable chemical properties and laser damage resistance ability strong and other advantages. What are the main technical parameters of the quartz glass sheet below by Beijing Kailida quartz glass instrument factory small series for you.

  Quartz glass thermal expansion coefficient is: 5.5x10-7cm/cm. DEG C, is copper / 34, is 1 / 7 of the borosilicate, the characteristics, the used in optical lens, the high temperature window and sensitive to thermal changes to achieve the lowest optical application. Quartz glass has a good thermal shock resistance, the 1 mm thick quartz glass heating 1200 degrees, quickly put into cold water several times, it will not produce damage.

  1mm-10mm thick, commonly used with UV quartz glass, painted light solid machine lampshade used to heat 3*150*150mm quartz insulation film, coated and uncoated, and can according to the customer request custom-made a variety of quartz plate. According to the characteristic of the quartz itself, it can be the penetration of ultraviolet light, infrared blocking, so as to reduce the workpiece surface temperature in the UV machine, so that products can accept the high energy, low temperature, product is not deformation, do not change color effect. Will greatly improve the quality of the product.


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