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What are the structural characteristics of the liquid level gauge of the quartz glass instrument?
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  With the application and development of modern technology, more and more advanced equipments are presented in the market. Quartz beaker, quartz culture dish and quartz liquid level gauge is the product of the progress of the times, they not only for quartz glass instrument with rich features, but also in improving the use effect also has a lot of advantages. To help more people learn to use features of quartz liquid level gauge, the following by Beijing Kailida quartz glass instrument factory small series for you.

  On the one hand, the quartz liquid level meter in use today has been recognized by many people, it is mainly to magnetic float for the measuring element can effectively achieve the level of remote indication, detection and control and no energy. At present, it has been applied to low temperature to high temperature, vacuum to high pressure and other environmental and acid, alkali and other corrosive media measurement, is the oil, chemical and other industrial sectors of the ideal liquid level measurement products. The structure is composed of a lower limit switch, a transmitting remote display and a transmitter.

  On the other hand, from the quartz liquid level gauge basic function. It is based on the principle of buoyancy, when the float in the measuring tube moves up and down, float internal permanent magnet will use magnetic coupling, the drive red and white pole turning 180 level rise, the turning column turn from white to red, dropped, the turning column turned from red to white, so as to achieve the level of instructions. In addition, the quartz glass tube level gauge installed on the transmitter can realize remote display and control. It through the magnetic float on mobile, signal variation of resistance, to and digital display instrument and a computer connected, realize remote display and control.


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