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What are the functions of quartz glass instruments?
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  The quality of the batch of quartz glass instrument, with correctness and stability, with material in a variety of raw materials, the chemical composition, moisture and particle degree, to ensure melting glass composition with the correctness and stability, with a certain amount of water, water the batch uniformity plays a beneficial role, dry material is not easy to mix evenly, easy to layer, is disadvantageous to the melting, particulate material is changed, batch, the amount of water changes, more fine particles, water should be more. What are the functions of quartz glass instruments? Below by Beijing kailiaa quartz glass instrument factory Xiaobian to introduce you.

  Key components in the production process of quartz glass, tin bath transition and Taiwan and annealing kiln with roller, bearing and transmission thermal glass plate. The roller in direct contact with the hot glass, the material and performance will directly affect the quality of the glass plate. At present, most of the domestic enterprises in this part of the heat resistant steel roller and asbestos roller, but these two products have their inherent defects and affect the quality of glass. Heat resistant steel and heat conduction rate is higher, the glass surface attached to tin oxide and debris, is not easy to clean, easily lead to scratch the surface of the glass bottom, is difficult to clean the defect formation, directly affects the quality of the glass board; asbestos and wear resistance is poor, and there are still problems such as environmental protection, is to be gradually phased out.


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