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What is the correct method of cleaning the quartz watch?
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Quartz watch with a long period of time, it needs cleaning and maintenance. How to clean the quartz watch? What are the methods? Listen to the Beijing Cai quartz glass instrument factory Xiaobian to introduce you.

1 for professional cleaning solution cleaning line. The quartz watch is composed of a solid line circuit, quartz resonator, trimmer, printed circuit board. Due to the particularity of the components of the electronic watch, the cleaning generally uses industrial with 99% alcohol (ethanol) or magic emanation of vinyl chloride cleaning. Cleaning can be put into the container, but time does not need too long, please wash to gently wash clean, remove with blowing ear ball drying or drying, and then processing silk or minister clean.

2 soft brush gently cleaning the coil frame. Quartz tube cleaning surface coil frame note quartz watch coil diameter due to unprotected outer, washing can not be cleaned in a container, generally not available grasp coil, right way is grasp coil frame magnetic ends with soft brush to gently cleanse clean can (refrain from the lead plate welding coil lead wire touched off a clean quartz surface coil lead plate is not available petrol.

3 with a rubber stick or willow wipe motor. Watch cleaning motor should note that cleaning quartz watch with the motor rotor magnetic steel and copper sleeve, is made of metal glue glue, and therefore can not be used cleaning fluid to clean, generally using a rubber stick or willow a wipe and brush clean.


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