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What are the differences between quartz glass and ordinary glass?
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  What are the differences between quartz glass and ordinary glass? Do you understand? Below by Beijing kailiaa quartz glass instrument factory  Xiaobian to introduce you.

  1 quartz glass is a kind of special glass containing only silica. Due to different types of raw materials, technology and other different quartz glass is also different. Foreign often called silica glass, fused silica, quartz glass, fused quartz, fused silica, and no clear concept of transparent, translucent, opaque quartz, etc.. Our country referred to as quartz glass, according to the process, use and appearance to classification, such as electric melting transparent quartz glass, even fused quartz glass, gas semltime quartz glass, synthetic quartz glass, opaque quartz glass, semiconductor quartz glass, quartz glass, electric light source with a quartz glass. People used to use "quartz" such a simple words in the names of the material, which is absolutely wrong, because quartz is a generic term of crystalline silica state, it and glassy silica on the physical and chemical properties is different.

  2 silica content is different. Quartz glass is made of pure silica, and the content is above 99%. Ordinary glass silica content generally at 70% - 75%, the other component is sodium oxide, calcium oxide of alkali metal or alkaline earth metal, is to reduce the melting temperature, the purpose to improve the database.

  3 color: quartz glass is a single component of silica glass, so it must be colorless. Ordinary glass generally have some color.

  4 flame calcination: hydrogen oxygen flame and so on can be more than one thousand degrees of temperature calcination, look to soften the light, burning colorless is the quartz glass.


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