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Sapphire viewport
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Coated Sapphire viewport

Coated Sapphire UHV viewport ( 100% aperture, Full coating area on the viewing diameter)

for high temp and high pressure vacuum system

a variety of Broadband coatings to enhance performance

Laser Optex Inc. - offer a range of competitively priced  UV Grade Sapphire UHV viewports 

Laser Optex Inc. uses advanced techniques for control of special and critical processes, including 100 percent helium leak testing.

Windows Materials include: UV grade Sapphire; Optical grade Sapphire crystal.

Coating - a range of custom coatings can applied - which include
- Broadband AR coating (BBAR 2-5um)
- V AR coatings for high-power laser (AR532nm, AR1064nm, AR808nm)
- DLC (Diamond like coating)

Standard Viewing diameters from 0.55" to 8 ".

LensUV Grade Sapphire
Vacuum Range UHV / HV1x10-11 Torr / 1x10-9 Torr
Temperature Range1-100ºC to 450ºC
CoatingBBAR2-5um, T> 90% from 2-5um




Part No.Flange size

D   inch
Flange materialView dia.

Thk window

T   mm
Thk flange

   H   mm

Lead time
SACF16-ACF16  1.33304ss12115  stock
SACF25-ACF25  304ss201.515  stock
SACF35-ACF35  2.75304ss35216  stock
SACF50-ACF50304ss50318  stock
SACF63-ACF63304ss63420  stock
SACF100-ACF100304ss100520  stock
SACF150-ACF150304ss136625  stock

B:  2-5 mm, we can accept custom size and coating design by your requirement


Custom sapphire viewport with BBAR coating are availabe.

More discount for batch quantity , please contact sales@laseroptex for quotation.


BBAR Coating sapphire Viewport Price list 2012



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