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UV grade Large Quartz plate
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UV grade Large Quartz plate


Laser Optex Supplies Large Quartz Plate, UV grade Fused Quartz, 5" x 5" (126.5 x 126.5 mm) x 1/8" thickness, Pack (1pc)

There are a number of areas of application where one requires a plate made from quartz instead of glass. Laser Optex Supplies does its quartz fabrication only with UV grade quartz which exhibits outstanding transmittance characteristics.

Standard size :

ULQ1263  126.5x126.5mmx3mm in stock,  price: USD200/pc

ULQ1001  100x100x0.5mm in stock,price: USD100/pc

Surface polishing to optical grade


Larger discount for batch quanity, please contact us sales@laseroptex for quotation.





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