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FTIR gas cell
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FTIR gas cell   Custom Gas Cell can manufacture on request


Short Pathlength Gas Cell


Laser Optex offers a Short Pathlength Gas Cell that is ideal for routine gas and vapour spectroscopic analysis at room temperature, low pressures, and static or flow conditions. The cell has a fixed 10 cm pathlength, and is available in quartz glass and stainless steel.


This Short Pathlength Gas Cell is supplied with a choice of NaCl, KBr, CaF2, BaF2, or ZnSe infrared transmission windows, and is mounted in an optical spectrometer with a version of 3” by 2” slide mount holder.  Quartz glass and PTFE taps are used on the Quartz glass version of cell, whilst stainless steel and Viton® sealed valves are used on the stainless steel version of cell, to introduce samples to the cell.










Features and Benefits

  • Demountable for ease of cleaning and window replacement

  • Choice of cell material: quartz glassand stainless steel

  • Choice of window materials

  • Window diameter: 47mm

  • Clear aperture: 39mm

  • Two ports for static or flow experiments

  • Slide mounted cell holder



Standard Gas Cell Ordering Information


Short Pathlength Gas Cell

SGGG100 – Storm 10cm Quartz glass Gas Cell (windows not included)

SGSS100 – Storm 10cm Stainless Steel Gas Cell (windows not included)


Cell Mount

SG1001 – Cell Mount


Windows for Storm Gas Cells

SG0501 – Pair of NaCl windows

SG0502 – Pair of KBr windows

SG0503 – Pair of CaF2 windows

SG0504 – Pair of BaF2 windows

SG0505 – Pair of Sapphire windows

SG0506 – Pair of ZnSe windows


Spares and Consumables

SG0511 – Compleate Seal Kit for Quartz glass Gas Cell

SG0512 – Compleate Seal Kit for Stainless Steel Gas Cell

SG0513 – Vacuum Valve for Stainless Steel Gas Cell




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