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Laser window
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Laser window    custom large size to 400mm

Laser windows are precision plano parallel polished surfaces. Polishingthe surfaces to highprecision finish with very find abrasives to minimise any surface microfracture. Polishing the surfaces very slowly for greater periodsof time than standard optical polishing. This is essential for laser substrates fabrication to achieve high flatness, parallelism and surface finish.
Laser Windows SpecificationLaser Window Coatings
·  Parallelism: <5 arc seconds· Single & Broadband AR Coatings
·  Surface Quality: to 10/5· R < 0.5% for V coating
·  Flatness: to λ/10 at 633nm· R < 0.1% for High-power laser coating
Laser Window Materials
Materials for laser windows generally include UV Fused Silica, and N-BK7 optical glass. UV Fused Silica grade for High-power lasers developed for maximum transmission and prolonged life.
Standard N-BK7 Laser Windows
ItemDiameterThicknessAR coatingDamage threshold
WLB52114.51.5AR755nm5.0J/[email protected]
WLB53015.71AR755nm5.0J/[email protected]
WLB55025.43AR755nm2.5J/[email protected]
WLB55125.46AR400-700nm2.5J/[email protected]
WLB55238.13AR400-700nm2.5J/[email protected]
WLB553505AR400-700nm2.5J/[email protected]
WLB55476.28AR400-700nm2.5J/[email protected]
WLB55515010AR400-700nm m2.5J/[email protected]
WLB55620015AR400-700nm2.5J/[email protected]
WLB55730020AR400-700nm2.5J/[email protected]
Custom size and coating are available on request.
UV Fused silica Laser windows for high-power laser
ItemDiameterThicknessAR coatingDamage threshold
WLF52012.73AR350-450nm5.0J/[email protected]
WLF52012.73AR350-450nm5.0J/[email protected]
WLF52112.73AR400-700nm5.0J/[email protected]
WLF52212.73AR523-532nm10.0J/[email protected]
WLF52312.73AR610-860nm5.0J/[email protected]
WLF52412.73AR700-1100nm5.0J/[email protected]
WLF52512.73AR1047-1064nm20.0J/[email protected]
WLF52612.73AR532&1064nm10.0J/[email protected]
WLF53015.73AR350-450nm5.0J/[email protected]
WLF53115.73AR400-700nm5.0J/[email protected]
WLF53215.73AR523-532nm10.0J/[email protected]
WLF53315.73AR610-860nm5.0J/[email protected]
WLF53415.73AR700-1100nm5.0J/[email protected]
WLF53515.73AR1047-1064nm20.0J/[email protected]
WLF53615.73AR532&1064nm10.0J/[email protected]
WLF540203AR350-450nm5.0J/[email protected]
WLF541203AR400-700nm5.0J/[email protected]
WLF542203AR523-532nm10.0J/[email protected]
WLF543203AR610-860nm5.0J/[email protected]
WLF544203AR700-1100nm5.0J/[email protected]
WLF545203AR1047-1064nm20.0J/[email protected]
WLF546203AR532&1064nm10.0J/[email protected]
WLF55025.43AR350-450nm5.0J/[email protected]
WLF55125.43AR400-700nm5.0J/[email protected]
WLF55225.43AR523-532nm10.0J/[email protected]
WLF55325.43AR610-860nm5.0J/[email protected]
WLF55425.43AR700-1100nm5.0J/[email protected]
WLF55525.43AR1047-1064nm20.0J/[email protected]
WLF55625.43AR532&1064nm10.0J/[email protected]
WLF55725.43AR1064nm10.0J/[email protected]
Custom size and coating are available on request.
Candela Replacement Windows for MGL, MGY, and GLP in Business
Laser Optex produce the New premium grade Window Kits
Material: Fused silica Coating: High Damage threshold AR coating For Cbeam For GentleLASE For GentleMax For GentleYAG For Smoothbeam For Vbeam
Window Kits are designed for specific laser systems and should never be used on laser systems other than those specified. For additional Information consult your Candela Laser Operator's Manual.
New Premium Grade Windows: GentleLASE Windows
Price: USD100 for 25pcs/one package, port : USA
Payment term: T/T , Credit card
Delivery In Stock - Ready for Immediate Delivery
Large quantity can make more discount !
Meanwhile, we also can provide Super premium grade Window Kits
Material: Sapphire crystal  Coating: High Damage threshold AR coating
For GentleLASE For GentleYAG


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