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What is the application of rare metals in the field of optical coating?
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  With the continuous promotion of coating technology, the application field of optical coating technology is also expanding. The vast majority of optical coating materials used in different fields belong to rare metals with very small reserves. What is the application of rare metals in the field of optical coating? Do you understand? Below by Beijing kailiaa quartz glass instrument factory Xiaobian to introduce you.

  These rare metals and rare earth in the industrial field of very little, but indispensable, is called "industrial vitamin".

  On the application of optical coating materials, coating target is the core technology, through the different target containing the rare metal different and the formation of different materials for optical coating, the universal application of rare metal with yttrium fluoride, praseodymium fluoride, germanium, zinc sulphide, magnesium fluoride, titanium dioxide, oxygen zirconium, cobalt, gallium, selenium and other metal.

  In the mirror of optical materials commonly used metal copper, molybdenum, silicon, germanium, and so on, in the output terminal and the optical transmission of the original Ge, GaAs and ZnSe and widely used.

  Coating is a physical or chemical method of coating a layer of transparent electrolyte film on the surface of the material, or coating a layer of metal film, the purpose is to change the material surface reflection and transmission characteristics.

  Optical coating is in the optical interference principle, in the visible and infrared wavelength range enabled reflectivity between the 78-98%. In order to achieve transparency, optical coating technology has been is cannot be ignored in the field of optics is an important basic technology.

  In our daily life, optical coating everywhere, such as usually wearing glasses, digital cameras, all kinds of household appliances, or bill of anti-counterfeiting technology, medical field of all kinds of equipment, military weapons and so on and so forth.

  The most common is in the light of the sun to see the phone screen word, due to the reflection of light penetration is not strong, screen blur, which requires the optical coating to achieve a clear screen effect.

  Rare metals as important materials for optical coating application, its role has penetrated into high-tech field, especially in national defense and military, aerospace, precision instrument manufacturing and electronics industry play an important and irreplaceable role.


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