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What are the common balcony seal material?
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  There are many kinds of materials, the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of balcony sealing window is not the same, what are the specific?

  One, no frame window

  Advantages: as a result of the overall requirements of the building of the building more stringent requirements, so many owners choose a window without frame. No window frame is in the frame with a peripheral frame, each piece of glass is no frame, so you can keep the unity of the overall appearance. Each window can be folded and received on both sides, but also does not affect the vision.

  Deficiency: the poor sealing of the window frame, in case of heavy rain, rain easy to seep in, and strong enough, if the floor is higher, it is not recommended to use.

  Price: A, fender no window frame quality good, but the price is relatively higher, about 340 yuan / square meters to 450 yuan / square meters.

  Two, aluminum alloy window

  Advantages: Aluminum Alloy window is the most widely used in the closed balcony, cheap. Aluminum alloy with 1.4mm and 1.2mm thickness of the main, if the thickness of the aluminum alloy is less than 1.2mm, then the quality is difficult to guarantee, we recommend that you do not choose.

  Shortcomings: some aluminium alloy window will cut corners, such as marked 1.4mm thick actually only 1.25mm thickness, and these subtle differences by the naked eye is very ugly out.

  Prices: aluminum alloy window manufacturing cost is relatively low, so the price is relatively cheap, about 150 yuan / square meter to 320 yuan / square meter, and therefore still more popular with the decoration. Good brand Aluminum Alloy window in the cell, Yang Yi Yaohua, etc..

  Three, plastic steel window

  Advantages: plastic steel window frame is PVC resin as the main raw materials, coupled with a certain proportion of the stabilizer, coloring agent, fillers, UV absorbent, and their processing. The stability of steel window is better, the overall sealing performance is better than the Aluminum Alloy window.

  Shortcomings: window of model steel window has a variety of colors, but sun exposure time long will inevitably fade phenomenon, which also makes many of the decoration headache.

  The price of steel window: the price is not expensive, 180 yuan / square meter to 380 yuan / square meters.

  Four, the Aluminum Alloy window

  Advantages: the broken bridge aluminum alloy is a layer of PVC materials are added in the internal and external two layers of aluminum alloy, PVC relatively poor thermal conductivity, heat outside of that layer of aluminum alloy through again to intraventricular conduction by the barrier of PVC, heat preservation is good. The Aluminum Alloy using the 45 degree angle is two and fight, both inside and outside layer Aluminum Alloy, more firmly.

  Shortcomings: the bridge Aluminum Alloy window, the price is more expensive, generally cover a balcony several thousand yuan.

  Price: Yang Yi doors and windows, Yining, a opening of the broken bridge aluminum alloy window is good, price is about 800 yuan / square meters (including hollow glass)


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