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  • In the end the production of quartz glass, need annealing. What is the correct method of operation? Do you understand? Listen to the Beijing Cai quartz glass instrument factory  Xiaobian to introduce you.

    The production method of quartz glass is not the same as ordinary glass, the coefficient of thermal expansion is very small, for 5.5 * 10-7/ C, only the ordinary glass 1/12 - 1/20. Ministerial standards will be 1200 degrees after the rapid throw cold water to the sample burning, repeated more than three times is not allowed to burst. The synthetic quartz glass: 1025 C + 25 strain annealing point 1120 C + 25 1600 + 40 degrees of softening point

  •   Quartz is a kind of hard, wear-resistant, stable chemical properties of silicate minerals, the main mineral component is SiO2, can be as high as 99%. Generally pure quartz pieces, can be used to make quartz glass. , quartz glass film expansion coefficient is very small, equivalent to 1/18 of ordinary glass, can withstand high temperature, good acid resistance, therefore, quartz glass used to make high temperature resistant chemical equipment. Such as optical instruments, glasses, glass and bearings, grinding materials, glass ceramics, aerospace and other fields! What are the main raw materials used in the production of quartz plate? Below by Beijing kailiaa quartz glass instrument factory Xiaobian to introduce you.

      Quartz color is milky white with red or colorless and translucent, Mohs hardness of 7, brittle no cleavage, conchoidal fracture, oil sheen, relative density is 2.65, the chemical, thermal and mechanical properties with obvious differences to, insoluble in acid, slightly soluble in alkali solution, melting point 1750 degrees Celsius. Quartz is a non plastic materials. The clay in the heat generated Mo mullite crystal give porcelain high mechanical strength and chemical stability, and can increase the translucent green body is a good raw material for preparation of vitreous.

  •   It is understood that the current market of quartz glass processing enterprises mainly concentrated in photovoltaic, optical fiber and semiconductor fields. Quartz glass is refers to the high purity silica non crystal and has uniform structure, good light transmission, transmission of the spectral band width, thermal expansion coefficient and thermal shock resistance is good, stable chemical properties and laser damage resistance ability strong and other advantages. What are the main technical parameters of the quartz glass sheet below by Beijing Kailida quartz glass instrument factory small series for you.

      Quartz glass thermal expansion coefficient is: 5.5x10-7cm/cm. DEG C, is copper / 34, is 1 / 7 of the borosilicate, the characteristics, the used in optical lens, the high temperature window and sensitive to thermal changes to achieve the lowest optical application. Quartz glass has a good thermal shock resistance, the 1 mm thick quartz glass heating 1200 degrees, quickly put into cold water several times, it will not produce damage.

      1mm-10mm thick, commonly used with UV quartz glass, painted light solid machine lampshade used to heat 3*150*150mm quartz insulation film, coated and uncoated, and can according to the customer request custom-made a variety of quartz plate. According to the characteristic of the quartz itself, it can be the penetration of ultraviolet light, infrared blocking, so as to reduce the workpiece surface temperature in the UV machine, so that products can accept the high energy, low temperature, product is not deformation, do not change color effect. Will greatly improve the quality of the product.

  •   The processing of quartz glass plate often contact with hydrogen, oxygen and so on, in the process of processing needs to be strictly in accordance with the safe operation of matters, only strict implementation, in order to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents. What are the safety issues of quartz glass wafer processing? Do you understand?

      (1) the quartz glass slices are processed by oxygen and hydrogen gas, so the hydrogen bottle and the oxygen bottle need to be kept in isolation. Hydrogen bottles should be stored in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight exposure, no open flame.

      (2) quartz glass plate belongs to high quality quartz glass plate so relatively high prices, making processing difficulty not only larger need for raw materials and resin and special paste. It is necessary to test whether the air pressure gauge is working properly and whether the gas leakage is.

      (3) per quarter to regular testing of ventilation pipe, valves, lamp and other parts of the security situation (such as: coated with soap and water in the pressure flow meter and the cylinder screw connection, high pressure pipe joints, needle valve, switch to detect.

      (4) the construction personnel must be certified, the operation must have fire safety tools, safety channel must be smooth!

  •   Quartz glass plate due to its with other material cannot replace a series of special properties, as well as very low thermal conductivity rate, and excellent thermal shock resistance, high deformation temperature and softening temperature and very low thermal conductivity, low dielectric loss and from the ultraviolet to the infrared extremely wide spectral range optical transmittance of. To make it play a very important role in modern industry and high technology field. Do you know the heat resistance of quartz glass sheets? Below by Beijing kailiaa quartz glass instrument factory Xiaobian to introduce you.

      Widely used in semiconductor, solar energy, aerospace, optical communications and other industries! Ordinary glass will be in accordance with the need to add the corresponding impurities, silica content is relatively low, generally 600 degrees temperature resistance. The silica content of quartz glass is more than 99.5%, and the heat resistant temperature is above 1600 degrees. The coefficient of linear expansion coefficient (5.5 * 10-7/ C) of quartz glass linear expansion coefficient is lower than that of all the linear expansion coefficient of all materials. The quartz glass thermal expansion coefficient thermal shock resistant quartz glass, only ordinary glass 1/12 —— 1/20. So it has a very good resistance to thermal shock, quartz glass samples were ignited to 1200 DEG C after rapid investment to 20 DEG C water, repeated more than three times does not allow burst.

  •   The good performance of quartz make it first applied to the field of physical chemistry, so the quartz glass plate sales is very high, the quartz plate with transparent and opaque quartz glass two, transparent and opaque quartz glass is industrial and scientific use of the economic value of the material. Silica glass is composed of silica single component of the glass. The hardness of glass up to Morse seven level, low expansion coefficient, high temperature resistant, has excellent chemical stability, electrical insulation, except hydrofluoric acid, the hot phosphoric acid and the general acid has good acid resistance. What are the cleaning methods on the surface of quartz wafer? Listen to the Beijing Cai quartz glass instrument factory Xiaobian to introduce you.

      Quartz plate using the temperature often at 1000 DEG C to 1300 DEG C high temperature state, when the quartz glass from high temperature drop so far transformation temperature and surface loss through the crystal quality and quartz glass sheet beta of the high temperature alpha phase and low temperature phase contraction coefficient of different under rapid cooling produces opaque strip shape more serious will constitute a splitting phenomenon. Ordinary quartz cleaning requirements of some procedures, first with pure water to wash the surface, then put into the pickling tank for some time, remove and then after the water rinse to dry.

  •   Nature appears in shades of blue many gems, known as the sapphire, popular Tanzanite, special color blue tourmaline, but one of the most valuable Mo too blue diamond. Diamond is located in five gems in the world for the first time, there is a very high value, and color diamond is rare, its value is unmatched by other natural blue gem. So, since it is all blue, how to distinguish between the blue diamond and other blue gems? Below by Beijing kailiaa quartz glass instrument factory Xiaobian to introduce you.

      Stone has a small first take a look at the blue diamond, blue diamond color often with shades of gray or black color, and carat will not be too big; sapphire, sapphire color uneven, showing the parallel arrangement of flat ribbon, often with silk like inclusions, filled with liquid inclusions and lotus leaf shaped bag body; spinel color uniform, no dichroism, inclusions for the gas-liquid inclusion and eight spinel inclusions; blue tourmaline with green blue, more cracks and hollow tubular gas-liquid inclusions, the second color. Blue zircon, brightly colored, but dispersion rate is too high, the color of fire is too strong; Tan sang clear color, with purple hues.

  •   With the continuous promotion of coating technology, the application field of optical coating technology is also expanding. The vast majority of optical coating materials used in different fields belong to rare metals with very small reserves. What is the application of rare metals in the field of optical coating? Do you understand? Below by Beijing kailiaa quartz glass instrument factory Xiaobian to introduce you.

      These rare metals and rare earth in the industrial field of very little, but indispensable, is called "industrial vitamin".

      On the application of optical coating materials, coating target is the core technology, through the different target containing the rare metal different and the formation of different materials for optical coating, the universal application of rare metal with yttrium fluoride, praseodymium fluoride, germanium, zinc sulphide, magnesium fluoride, titanium dioxide, oxygen zirconium, cobalt, gallium, selenium and other metal.

      In the mirror of optical materials commonly used metal copper, molybdenum, silicon, germanium, and so on, in the output terminal and the optical transmission of the original Ge, GaAs and ZnSe and widely used.

      Coating is a physical or chemical method of coating a layer of transparent electrolyte film on the surface of the material, or coating a layer of metal film, the purpose is to change the material surface reflection and transmission characteristics.

      Optical coating is in the optical interference principle, in the visible and infrared wavelength range enabled reflectivity between the 78-98%. In order to achieve transparency, optical coating technology has been is cannot be ignored in the field of optics is an important basic technology.

      In our daily life, optical coating everywhere, such as usually wearing glasses, digital cameras, all kinds of household appliances, or bill of anti-counterfeiting technology, medical field of all kinds of equipment, military weapons and so on and so forth.

      The most common is in the light of the sun to see the phone screen word, due to the reflection of light penetration is not strong, screen blur, which requires the optical coating to achieve a clear screen effect.

      Rare metals as important materials for optical coating application, its role has penetrated into high-tech field, especially in national defense and military, aerospace, precision instrument manufacturing and electronics industry play an important and irreplaceable role.

  •   What are the differences between quartz glass and ordinary glass? Do you understand? Below by Beijing kailiaa quartz glass instrument factory  Xiaobian to introduce you.

      1 quartz glass is a kind of special glass containing only silica. Due to different types of raw materials, technology and other different quartz glass is also different. Foreign often called silica glass, fused silica, quartz glass, fused quartz, fused silica, and no clear concept of transparent, translucent, opaque quartz, etc.. Our country referred to as quartz glass, according to the process, use and appearance to classification, such as electric melting transparent quartz glass, even fused quartz glass, gas semltime quartz glass, synthetic quartz glass, opaque quartz glass, semiconductor quartz glass, quartz glass, electric light source with a quartz glass. People used to use "quartz" such a simple words in the names of the material, which is absolutely wrong, because quartz is a generic term of crystalline silica state, it and glassy silica on the physical and chemical properties is different.

      2 silica content is different. Quartz glass is made of pure silica, and the content is above 99%. Ordinary glass silica content generally at 70% - 75%, the other component is sodium oxide, calcium oxide of alkali metal or alkaline earth metal, is to reduce the melting temperature, the purpose to improve the database.

      3 color: quartz glass is a single component of silica glass, so it must be colorless. Ordinary glass generally have some color.

      4 flame calcination: hydrogen oxygen flame and so on can be more than one thousand degrees of temperature calcination, look to soften the light, burning colorless is the quartz glass.

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