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What is the difference between a blue diamond and a blue gem?
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  Nature appears in shades of blue many gems, known as the sapphire, popular Tanzanite, special color blue tourmaline, but one of the most valuable Mo too blue diamond. Diamond is located in five gems in the world for the first time, there is a very high value, and color diamond is rare, its value is unmatched by other natural blue gem. So, since it is all blue, how to distinguish between the blue diamond and other blue gems? Below by Beijing kailiaa quartz glass instrument factory Xiaobian to introduce you.

  Stone has a small first take a look at the blue diamond, blue diamond color often with shades of gray or black color, and carat will not be too big; sapphire, sapphire color uneven, showing the parallel arrangement of flat ribbon, often with silk like inclusions, filled with liquid inclusions and lotus leaf shaped bag body; spinel color uniform, no dichroism, inclusions for the gas-liquid inclusion and eight spinel inclusions; blue tourmaline with green blue, more cracks and hollow tubular gas-liquid inclusions, the second color. Blue zircon, brightly colored, but dispersion rate is too high, the color of fire is too strong; Tan sang clear color, with purple hues.


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