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The concrete application of optical glass in today’s society
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The optical homogeneity is an important index of optical glass, optical glass the refraction rate reflects the consistency, optical glass refraction rate consistent with the improved not only make optical properties of the optical glass is greatly improved, but also conducive to the mass production of optical glass. Optical glass in today's society, the specific application of the situation. Do you understand? Listen to the Beijing Cai quartz glass instrument factory  Xiaobian to introduce you.
Optical glass stone now industrial and agricultural production, national defense, scientific research, one of the most important optical material and cultural life in all areas indispensable. Multi spectral, aerospace spectrometer, spectrophotometer and laser holography device, to be used as a key component of optical glass materials
Optical glass from HF high-energy rays, X- rays, ultraviolet, visible and infrared electromagnetic wave region, for light transmission, transmission, reflection, refraction, optical imaging, image transmission and enhancement of glass materials.
For glass optics, some industry has formed some still in the laboratory in the manufacturing stage, some in the theoretical development and the product development phase. Including in electricity, power, sound effect, glass optical properties change, the nature of the glass and the development of detection and conversion of these changes, a large number of optical functional glass.


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