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Why is the purity of quartz glass instruments so important?
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  Purity is an important indicator of the quartz glass, on physical function and function of, such as the loss of permeability, high temperature strength, softening point, light transmission, thermal stability, chemical stability, resistance to radiation, fluorescent properties etc., following by Beijing Kailida quartz glass instrument factory small series for you introduced the importance of quartz glass instrument purity!

  Quartz glass used in the semiconductor industry, the requirements for the purity of the more demanding, trace impurities will give the semiconductor materials, the motor can be life and the integration of a serious impact. Because the purity of semiconductor materials is required to be controlled below the ppb level, the quartz glass should be controlled at the PPm level to meet the needs of the semiconductor industry.

  The segregation coefficient of B is close to 1, the most difficult to remove, is one of the most harmful impurities, Cu, Fe, Ti and other factors affecting the lifetime of semiconductor, K, Na, Li is a single crystal material to produce micro defects of harmful impurities. The company has a history of more than 40 years of service for the semiconductor industry, and has always been committed to the removal of the above-mentioned harmful impurities.


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