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What is the correct cleaning method for laboratory ware?
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  Laboratory utensils in the use of after the general will have the chemical residues, so must pay attention to the cleaning. Must be properly cleaned to avoid the two pollution. How to clean it properly? Below by Beijing kailiaa quartz glass instrument factory Xiaobian to introduce you.

  The laboratory analysis, the vessels of the conventional cleaning methods have the following: manual scrubbing, cleaned in ultrasonic bath, after being soaked in solvent living water rinse. Many of the problems faced by the researchers are as follows:

  1, hand washing oil pollution on the hand may be attached to the vessel, increase the difficulty of washing, can cause two pollution

  2, after manual cleaning, vessel cleanliness poor consistency, different experimental personnel is cleaned out of the same container clean degree differ in thousands ways

  3, the results of manual cleaning can not be traced back and reproduce, is the test and production process of the blind spot"

  4, volumetric flask, after identification, not to wash with a test tube brush, liquid phase and gas phase in the sample vial volume small, the weight is light, can not use ultrasonic cleaning, small diameters of the pipet and not easily washed, used in the production of the long rubber hose must be to go through a long time after the invasion of bubbles and then rinse.

  5, contaminated utensils with toxic substances may pose a health threat to the cleaning staff


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