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Quartz glass tube of the need for what?
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  Compared with ordinary glass quartz glass has a good performance, but in the quartz glass tube industry, its classification is also divided into several grades. Qualified tube normal, slightly better as a tube, the best quality and tube and dehydroxy tube etc.. The specific situation, and listen to the Beijing Cai quartz glass instrument factory to introduce you.
  For the removal of hydroxyl tube, the enterprise is also a quartz glass through the depth of processing, its performance is particularly remarkable, is a quartz glass tube in the need for.
  The production method adopts the gas refining method, which is used for producing the super size quartz tube and can provide customized service, high purity, less bubble gas line and stable quality. The high temperature furnace tube is adapted to the semiconductor function. High purity quartz sand was used in the production of high purity quartz tube, and the content of hydroxyl group was less than 5ppm, and the content of the control group was less than that of the international standard. Casing series transparent sealing quality. Such glass tube collectively for decarboxylation tubes, the use of halogen lamp, mercury lamp, automobile lamp and all kinds of instruments, such as.
  For the performance of the tube, its various aspects of the performance of a step up, the performance of the quartz glass to maximize, in the field of industry, physics, chemistry and other widely used.


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