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What are the characteristics of the product of quartz vertical type?
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  What are the characteristics of the product of quartz vertical type? What is there? Do you understand? Below by Beijing kailiaa quartz glass instrument factory Xiaobian to introduce you.

  For quartz equipment, it is more common in our lives, in the experimental activities, there are a lot of instruments made of quartz material, in the production of experimental play a role. Now we have to for all the products characteristics of quartz vertical distillation apparatus, in the play what role, an understanding of these, for the procurement staff to purchase products help, quality identification, can achieve fast.

  The quartz vertical distillation device is a fully closed quartz glass instrument for extracting high purity water, which is based on the principle of heat radiation, which keeps the liquid phase temperature lower than the boiling point temperature to produce high purity water. During the purification process, the temperature of the condensing space is high to prepare the sterile non thermal super water, the heating wire is sealed in the shell body, and the water is not contacted with the air, and the whole purification process is free from environmental pollution. Instrument for the garden tube shaped, horizontal standard grinding mouth full closed quartz glass instrument system. The device consists of three parts, a purifying device, a quartz water storing bottle and an instrument working frame. Quartz crucible with high purity quartz as the substrate, based on the principle of thermal radiation remain liquid at temperatures below the boiling temperature of evaporation and condensation and preparation of high-purity water, better solves the vapor-liquid separation, and electrodialysis method, distillation method compared with the water quality of high purity.


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