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Laboratory common quartz glass instrument mainly what kind?
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  Laboratory common quartz glass instrument mainly what kind? You know what? Below by Beijing kailiaa quartz glass instrument factory  Xiaobian to introduce you.

  First, test tube

  (1) direct heating and heating wall to dry, with tube clip or iron clamp fixed on an iron stand;

  (2) heating solid, mouth slightly downward sloping, solid flat on the bottom;

  (3) when heating the liquid, mouth upward sloping, and desktop into 45 degree, liquid amount does not exceed the volume of 1 / 3, avoid nozzle toward the people.

  Two, capacity bottle

  Quartz glass instrument volumetric flask for the accurate solution of the concentration of a certain substance,

  Check for leaks, to be used in the standard temperature and liquid with a glass rod drainage, tangent to a concave meniscus and calibration lines. Not for long term storage solution.

  Three, crucible

  The quartz crucible for burning solid reaction,

  Can direct fire heated to a high temperature on the clay triangle, crucible forceps extraction, can not quench.

  Four, liquid separation funnel

  Used to separate the density of different and mutually incompatible liquid, but also can be assembled reactor, at any time to add liquid.

  Before use to check whether leakage, drainage open cover or the plug groove is aligned with the upper hole, the upper layer of the liquid from the upper pouring.


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