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Quartz glass instruments commonly used in the cleaning method?
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  In many experimental activities, quartz glass ware is a very common use of equipment, many chemical production can not be separated from it, the correct cleaning of quartz glass instruments is very important. How to clean it properly? Below by Beijing kailiaa quartz glass instrument factory Xiaobian to introduce you.

  The most commonly used cleaning agents are soap, synthetic detergent (such as washing powder), lotion (cleaning liquid), organic solvents, etc.. Soap, synthetic detergent for general can use brush directly scrubbing equipment such as flasks, beakers, a reagent bottle and other non stoichiometric and non optical glass instrument. Soap, synthetic detergent can also be for burette and pipette and volumetric flask and the instrument of measure and glass washing, but not with brush scrub. Lotion for not scrub with a brush glass instruments, such as burette, a volumetric flask, colorimetric tube, sintered glass funnel special requirements and the shape of the glass instrument; also used washing a long time without the quartz glass crucible instruments and brush the dirt.


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