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Quartz glass fiber mainly used in what areas?
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  Quartz glass fiber and other fiber pre dip epoxy resin after the tensile strength, tensile modulus is shown in Table 5 quartz glass fiber, Kevlar fiber, glass fiber and epoxy resin made of composite material compressive strength, shear strength, anti bending strength is shown in table 6[4]2.4.
  In addition, at high temperatures, quartz glass instruments will not be like high silica fiber that will shrink, at 1000 degrees Celsius barbecue 1000h, the loss of quartz glass fiber is not greater than 1.5%. quartz glass fibers in the field of application of what? Below by Beijing kailiaa quartz glass instrument factory Xiaobian to introduce you.
  (1) the military aircraft's radar covers, including all kinds of fighter and advanced missile.
  (2) radar cover for civil aircraft.
  (3) interference electromagnetic launch window.
  (4) radar cover for communication and television satellite.
  (5) unmanned aerial vehicles and submarines, etc..
  (6) high frequency circuit board and low expansion rate circuit board for super computer. In addition, the high purity silica glass fiber has a very low coefficient of expansion and a superior ability to resist temperature changes.


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